Sport products

Before, during and after exercising it is recommended to use sport supporting products. Besides proper material, hydration, nutrition and sometimes supplements, products for muscle care help you to perform better.

Before, during and after exercising

Before exercising it is very important to eat and drink well as explained under Nutrition & drinks. Next to that your muscled and joints should be ready for physical efforts. Products for muscle care help you to support your warming-up by increasing your blood circulation. This will help your muscles to become more flexible and recover faster afterwards.
After exercise your body should recover from your  physical efforts. To achieve this you should correct the fluid balance in your body and eat proper nutrition. Use products for muscle care before and after your exercise to increase blood circulation and recover your muscles and joints faster. For example STARBALM.
The use of STARBALM lowers the chance of getting injured and helps to recover muscles and joints after physical efforts. More information can be found here.
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