Sports injuries
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To prevent injuries it’s wise to exercise with a plan. A plan consists of a warming-up, proper nutrition and hydration, supporting products, a cooling down and sufficient rest and regularity. That differs per sport but these are the points/subjects to keep in mind. Information about all of these subjects can be found on this website. 

There are a lot of sports injuries in the Netherlands every year. The latest facts and figures.
Total amount of injuries per year in the Netherlands: 4.400.000
The most common injuries:
Total amount of overuse injuries per year: 890.000
Total amount of knee injuries per year: 860.000
Total amount of ankle injuries per year: 770.000
Total amount of calf/lower leg injuries per year: 330.000
Total amount of back injuries per year: 300.000
Total amount of shoulder injuries per year: 270.000
Total amount of thigh injuries per year: 260.000
Total amount of wrist injuries per year: 100.000
Sport Number of injuries per year
Football (field) 760.000
Running 610.000
Fitness 470.000
Tennis 230.000
Hockey 200.000
Volleyball 170.000

Exact numbers of cycling, mountainbiking and martial arts are unknown.
The facts
  • 75% of sports injuries occur suddenly
  • Men and young athletes (until 19 years old) most often get injured
  • The number of injuries are increasing faster than the number of new athletes
  • 30% of novice athletes getting injured are runners
  • On average 980.000 athletes are injured on any given day in the year
  • Muscle injuries, sprains and contortions are the most common injuries
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