Warming-up and cooling down

The goal of a warming-up is to warm up the body and to increase the concentration during exercising. Direct intensive exercising with cold muscles and joints significantly increases the chance of injuries. Stretching with cold muscles is also not recommended. There is a chance that your muscles will rip or tear. Muscles should have the same temperature as the body to perform optimally. A warming-up is very important.
After a training or match it is recommended to do a cooling down. A cooling down helps to lower the body temperature and to dispose the waste materials of the body. You will recover quicker from your efforts.


A warming-up schedule for football(teams). Football as a sport has the most injuries per year. The combination of strength and endurance requires a good warming-up.

Warming-up Football


A complete warming-up for running. After football, running is the sport with the most injuries per year. That shows how important your preparation is.

Warming-up Running


Cycling is an endurance sport and most injuries occur through overloading and accidents. A good warming-up can prevent injuries as a result of overloading.

Warming-up Cycling


Fitness is the third sport in the list of most injuries per year. Every type of fitness training requires a warming-up. Warm and smooth muscles and joints are better capable to handle the physical strains.

Warming-up Fitness


A complete warming-up for tennis. Tennis is a combination of strength and endurance which requires a lot from the muscles and joints. A good warming-up is vital for practising this sport.

Warming-up Tennis


A warming-up for hockey(teams). The schedule is similar to football and is also a combination of strength and endurance. In addition, artificial grass puts more strain on the muscles. A good preperation is needed.

Warming-up Hockey

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