Warming-up Cycling

The length of the warming-up for cycling depends on the outside temperature. Cold weather lengthens the warming-up and warm weather shortens it. The type of match/training also influences the length. Use muscle warmers, for example STARBALM, to improve the blood circulation and recovery of your muscles before and after exercising.
Before the race/training
With an east cycling training a slow start is more than enough. With interval training its is recommended to first cycle on a slow pace before you are really going for it. Before a cycling race it is wise to first warm-up your muscles with a slow cycling pace to get the perfect body temperature for as good performance.

After 10 minutes of slow pacing with an intensity of less than 70% you can try to do some sprints in  between which last for maximum 1 minute. After doing this your body temperature is warm enough to start.
After the race/training
The cooling down lasts about 10 minutes. During the cooling down you reduce your pace with small sprints in between. At last for a while cycle slowly to recover your muscles completely.
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