Warming-up Tennis

A warming-up for tennis lasts around 10-15 minutes and has multiple disciplines. Use products for muscle care before and after your exercise to increase blood circulation and recover your muscles and joints faster. For example STARBALM.
Before the match/training
Start your warming-up by running with a variety of different paces for about 3-5 minutes. After this it it recommended to dribble, pass, sideways and perform small sprints.
Now it is time to start playing. You should hit the balls in a slow tempo and as less force as possible. Warm-up your muscles by jumping in between your hits. After several minutes you can higher the level of force bit by bit.

Stretching of muscles is not necessary since this will not help your body to become more flexible. It also does not help to lower the chance of getting injured.
After the match/training
The cooling down last about 10 minutes. Lower your pace and perform some short sprints in between. You can also hike for a while.   
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