Nutrition and Hydration

Endurance Sports

In general there are three types of sports: endurance sports, strength sport and ball sports. The correct nutrition and hydration depends on the type of sport you do. Examples of endurance sports are cycling, running, swimming and speed skating.

Nutritional advice endurance sports

A lot of carbohydrates: Consume food that is rich with carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and legumes. When you’re exercising longer than 1,5 hours it’s recommended to consume carbohydrates during exercising. Cookies, fruit and sports drinks are suitable. After exercising it’s also important to consume a meal rich with carbohydrates.
No food with fats: Food with a lot of fats in it can cause stomach problems during exercising.
Sufficient proteins: Your food should have sufficient proteins. About 1,5 to 2 grams of proteins per kilo bodyweight. After exercising it’s recommend to eat cheese, milk or quark to recover quicker.
Variation in food: Variation in food provides enough minerals and vitamins. Food rich with fibers is recommended. For examble potatoes, rice, pasta, bread grains and a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Timing: Consume a big meal 2-3 hours before exercising. This will prevent problems with your stomach. A light snack is fine up until one hour before exercising.
After the endurance sport it’s best to consume a recovery meal ( with a lot of proteins) within 30 minutes. After that time food rich with carbohydrates are a good way to recover.

Hydration advice endurance sports

Make sure that you’re hydrated (water and sports drinks) before, during and after exercising.
Sport drinks give you energy through sugars and salts that are quickly absorbed in your blood. There is a difference between hypotone (water), isotone (for thirst) and hypertone (recovery drinks). Before and during exercising water and isotone ( Extran, Gatorade and Aquarius) sport drinks are the best options. Drink 500 ml – 1 liter the last two hours before exercising. When you’re exercising longer than an hour, it’s best to drink in between.
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