Warming-up Running

The durance of a warming-up depends on weather conditions and the type of race or training. A warming-up before an interval training takes about 15 minutes while the warming-up for a race takes about 20 minutes. With a slow endurance run, a slow start is already enough. Before and after your run use products for muscle care like STARBALM to increase your blood circulation and faster recovery of muscles and joints.
 Warming-up hardlopen

 Before the run/training
Start your warming-up by running slowly for about 2-4 minutes. After that you perform some dynamic exercises like sideways and butt kicks. This is necessary to start up your blood circulation and to make your muscles and joints flexible. After the dynamic exercises you run for 5 minutes on different paces. Now you are able to run intensively.
Stretching of muscles is not necessary since this will not help your body to become more flexible. It also does not help to lower the chance of getting injured.
After the race/training.

The cooling down last about 10 minutes. Lower your pace and perform some short sprints in between. At last you can hike for a while.
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