Warming-up Hockey

The total warming-up lasts for 20 minutes and consists out of multiple disciplines. The cooling down takes about 10 minutes. Before and afterwards use products for muscle care like STARBALM to increase the blood circulation and to recover faster afterwards.
Before the game/training
First run with a slow pace during 3 to  minutes to switch your body from relaxing mode to exercise mode.
After this you should do dynamic disciplines without ball. These are running disciplines and general discipline which last for a total of 8 minutes. These exercises will improve the flexibility of your muscles and joints. There are 12 disciplines which can be performed over a distance of +- 15 meters.
1. Butt kicks
2. High knee drives
3. Crosspassing right
4. Crosspassing left
5. Arm rotation
6. Internal hip rotation
7. External hip rotation
8. Inch shuffles
9. T Balance
10. Short sprint
After these disciplines have been finished you can use a stick and a ball.
1. Pass the ball to your teammate, use forehand and backhand. Important thing is to bend your knees. Slowly increase the distance and the pace of your passing.
2. Run slowly towards each other and pass with backhand and forehand. Run n different directions.
3. Run towards the front and perform side passes. Hit the ground with your stick at the left and the right to stretch your hamstrings.
4. Slalom around the pawn and hold your stick with 2 hands.
5. Warm-up your keeper by pushing the ball on goal from different angles.
After the game/training
The cooling down takes about 10 minutes. During the cooling-down you lower your pace and in between perform a few sprints.
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