Warming-up Football

The entire warming-up will take about 20 minutes and consists of multiple components. The cooling down takes 10 minutes. Use muscle care products, for example STARBALM, to improve the blood circulation and recovery of your muscles before and after exercising.
 Warming-up voetbal

 Before the match/training
Firstly run 3 to 5 minutes in a calm pace to accustom your body from a resting to an exercising mode.
Then perform dynamic exercises without the ball. These are running and general drills. It will take about 8 minutes to complete. This will improve the flexibility of the muscles and joints. There are 12 drills/exercises that can be executed across a distance of about 15 meters.
1. Heels to buttocks
2. Knee lifting
3. Connecting steps, 3 times a side
4. Cross steps right
5. Cross steps left
6. Skipping steps/knee
7. Skipping steps/arms
8. Groin rotation inwards
9. Groin rotation outwards
10. Upright leg swing
11. Diagonal leg swing
12. Quick feet, dribbling
End the exercises with a short 30 meter sprint. Next it’s time for exercises with the ball for about 8 minutes. Pass the ball to each other and gradually extend the distance and speed. Add dribbling exercises to increase ball control.
Stretching of the muscles does not make your body more flexible or less prone to injuries both before and after exercising. Stretching does not have to be carried out.
After the match/training
The cooling down takes about 10 minutes. Start with skipping exercises (about 2 minutes) and end the cooling down with some slow pace running.
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