Warming-up Fitness

A warming up for fitness lasts about 15 minutes. There is no difference in training your strengths or cardio programs. Use products for muscle care before and after your exercise to increase blood circulation and recover your muscles and joints faster. For example STARBALM.
 Fitness warming-up
 Before training
Warm and flexible muscles help you to perform better at your strength or cardio training. A specific warming-up for fitness doesn’t exist. Exercises on a treadmill or cross trainer are good enough to warm-up your muscles properly if you do one of this exercises for at least 10 minutes. Raise your heart beat without getting tired and try to warm-up your entire body instead of only arms or legs.
Stretching of muscles is not necessary since this will not help your body to become more flexible. It also does not help to lower the chance of getting injured.
After training
The cooling down takes around 10 minutes. Lower the intensity of your program and afterward run or cycle slowly to lower your body temperature. This will help you to recover your muscles and joints faster.
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